Issue #249: Winter 2003


hiroyuki sanada
about culinary and other secrets
samurai special
yamaoka tesshu
hiroyuki sanada
the last samurai
pick a fight

coors light mountain jam
tokyo ground zero
birthplace of a boom

pick a fight
a look at tokyo’s karate clubs

daimind yukai
loose lips
what the japanese are saying

lost in translation
diamond yukai
japanese lacquerware
the perfect gift for all occasions

lonely planet
born under a wandering star

marriott hotels
enjoy a rewarding stay
akasaka ninja


elysees hikaru
innovative french cuisine

vegetarian treats
skip the meat

akasaka ninja
sneaking up on your tastebuds

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events calendar

cd reviews

dvd reviews

tokyo classifieds

film reviews

book reviews
tokyo faces
front art gallery

tokyo faces
ravine life in araki-cho

free gifts
books, shirts, keitai straps & more

predictions and predilections


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