Issue #256: Summer 2006

Playing with Dolls
japan’s latest love toys
Japanese Horror
staying cool the traditional way
Beastly and a Beauty
fuyuko matsui and the new dark wave of
japanese art
Lost for Words
us ambassador’s response to 9/11
Report from the Rubble
how 'freedom' and 'democracy' are
playing out in iraq


Focus on Ginza
tokyo’s golden mile
Bar & Restaurant review

sherry club style

Spook Guide
all you wanted to know about obake but
were afraid to ask
Summer Rhythms
african music in japan

Summer Film Festivals
Book Review
dr. ikkaku ochi collection
Best of the Fests
Rock ‘n’ Groove
All Summer Long



the caves of nippara


Horrorscope + Free Gifts
  tokyo kaleidoscope

Staff Continued

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