Issue #261: Autumn 2007


Shinji Ishihara
Autumn in Japan
Contemplation and emotions ensue in the time of
Yakuza, writer, kid minder
Former gang member finds a new challenge

Pets in Japan
The good, the bad, and the scruffy
Kaatsu Fitness Training
Focus on Kichijoji
The sweet escape
Health Food
Eat your greens

Just Bring Your Suitcase
DUPLEX Serviced Apartments

Maid Cafés
Maid Cafés
Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama
DVD Review

Shinobi – Winds of the 34 Generations

Digital Coin
Less coin, more pocket
Japanese Film Director
Kawase hits raw emotions
Fuji Rocks Into Second Decade
Film Reviews
Black Snake Moan
The Cats of Mirikitani
Kuro-obi (Black Belt) Megane
Stranja – Mukoh Hadan
(Sword of the
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Staff Continued

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