Issue #265: Winter 2008

Black hole
Onsen Mountain
Hot springs above the clouds
Koreans in Japan Today
The dwindling minority

J-Pop American Style
Scott Murphy crosses the ocean
A Winter’s Tale
Japanese winter gardens
Sounds of Kabukicho
White Rabbit takes you on an audio tour
Running Amok with the Working Poor
Japan’s forgotten strike back

Let’s (not) Smoke!
Why and where to catch a whiff of (fresh)
Low Carbon Targets Too High for
Let’s jump on the green train


Dripping Cocktails at the Bar
All the power in your veins
Pedaling Security
Gone in 24 seconds

Notes from Cutesville
Kawaii is cornering the street near you

The Hay Man
Making hay the traditional way
Tennen Rishin Ryu
The cutting edge in swordmanship

Film Reviews
The Clone Returns to the Homeland
Osaka Hamlet
Nightmare Detective 2
Free Gifts

Tokyo Journal

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