Issue #245: Autumn 2002


the tokyo daibutsu
the tokyo daibutsu
tokyo's best kept secret
tomisaburo kuraba
madame butterfly's tragic son

my father, the mad airport bomber
not just a flash in japan

yoshida shoin
free gift

shrines and temples of kyoto - an english guide book

yoshida shoin
the archetype of japanese revolutionaries

loose lips
what the japanese are really saying
tokyo faces
sumidagawa - the black river

hara museum
hara museum
interview with yoko nakamura

cd reviews
dj krush, morcheeba

sin den
film reviews
angel eyes, city by the sea,
curse of the jade scorpion,
the last castle,
the count of monte cristo, unfaithful

sin den
naughty but nice!


fuji rock fest
events calendar

where do you want to go today?

fuji rock fest
tj's traditional review
by the book
by the book
traveling kyoto and nikko
predictions and predilections


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