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Advanced Exercise - Seven International Samurai

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ADVANCED Listening, Comprehension & Vocabulary Exercise


Japan's Seven International Samurai

Japan's Most Influential Trailblazers

(Article originally appeared in Tokyo Journal Issue #270 Pg 61)

Japan has produced many outstanding individuals throughout its very long history, which dates back to 660 B.C. Visionaries and innovators have throughout history forwarded the efforts of this tiny island nation and due to these contributions, Japan has played a significant role in the region for many centuries. Pioneers such as Takatoshi Mitsui (1622-1694), advanced the way Japan did business through innovation after innovation in the textile sales industry. In the late 1800s, it was the first President of Mitsui & Co., Takashi Masuda, who sought out a global vision for exporting Japanese rice and other goods to Europe.

Advanced Exercise - Hanjo

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ADVANCED Listening, Comprehension & Vocabulary Exercise



German Photographer, Yoram Roth, Pays Tribute to Yukio Mishima’s Noh Opera Adaptation

(Article originally appeared in Tokyo Journal Issue #274 Pg 84)

A sullen geisha sitting alone at a station, Hanako waits, For years, she has waited every day in the same place, gripping a treasured fan in her hand.

Such an exquisite beauty, she was noticed by all. The world wondered how she could be so passively obsessive. The conclusion was that she must be mad.

What her spectators didn’t know was that the fan she held was the embodiment of a vow she had made to the man who possessed her heart. Hanako had promised to love Yoshio eternally. When he had to depart, he had given her a fan to represent their love, which would be requited upon his return. And so she had sworn that she would wait.

Advanced Exercise- Silence of the Sengu

ADVANCED Listening, Comprehension & Vocabulary Exercise


Silence of the Sengu

Reflections on Time at the Grand Shrines of Ise

Every 20 years, the Imperial Grand Shrines at Ise are totally rebuilt in a process known as the Shikinen Sengu that extends back to the eighth century or earlier. Though the origins of this custom may be shrouded in mythology, the faithful adherence to the principles of the Shikinen has resulted in the preservation of ancient Japanese architectural and ritual forms.

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