Anime Los Angeles 2014

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Anime Los Angeles 2014

Although Anime Expo may be the largest and best-known eastern media convention in North America, there are a multitude of events for lovers of Japanese culture that take place in Southern California. Anime Los Angeles, the first scheduled convention of the year, may be small in terms of attendance and location, but it still draws in 5,000 fans to the LAX Marriott. ALA is hailed by regular attendees as one of the best conventions for meeting people with similar interests in specific fandom, and con-specific areas such as the pool, where people tend to show off their cosplays, are also a big draw. There are the usual panels and competitions associated with conventions and, of course, the tradition of cosplay chess, where individuals serve as pieces and “battle” it out for their respective king. Many voice actors, musicians and other industry professionals make their own special appearances and interact with those who are interested in their work. At ALA it is always a delight to spend time with friends, make new ones, and as always, celebrate the culture that binds them together. tj

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